At Community Physical Therapy our mission is to provide you with the highest quality care in a welcoming and friendly environment.

There is often the misconception that physical therapy must be a painful or torturous process. At Community Physical Therapy we dispel this myth by rendering effective one treatment with little or no discomfort to you. We achieve this goal by providing you expert one on one physical therapy treatment from an experienced and highly skilled physical therapist. In most cases you will be treated by the same physical therapist at every visit to ensure consistency in your care. All of our therapy professionals are licensed by the state of New York. We offer both physical therapy Brooklyn NY and Queens physical therapy locations.

Your Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Your first visit consists of a thorough evaluation with a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological screening, followed by the creation of a treatment plan designed specifically for your condition. Subsequent treatments are continuously modified to coincide with your progress. Rest assured at Community Physical Therapy, you will not be performing the same 3 exercises every day for weeks or months. We take pride in providing one on one physical therapy treatment, that allows us to custom tailor activities to your specific needs. This is the best way for us to help you achieve your goals.

Your Physical Therapy Office Visit

On average, treatments run between 45 minutes and one hour. We respect your time. We understand how busy you are so we make every effort to keep appointments on schedule. Excessive waiting time is uncommon. Depending on your condition, treatments will consist of a combination of the following: hands-on care, supervised exercise instruction, muscle stretching and strengthening, balance training, gait training and modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, cold laser, moist heat or ice.

Communication With Your Doctor

At Community Physical Therapy we believe that communication with your referring physician is paramount to your fullest recovery. Therefore the results of your evaluation and reports of your progress are routinely forwarded to your doctor.

Physical Therapy Symptoms, Conditions, Treatments and Questions

At CPT we treat conditions spanning the body from head to toe, ranging from bone and muscle, to post surgical, to neurological disorders. Our patients vary in age from pre-adolescent to the most senior of our citizens. Our most commonly treated conditions include low back pain, herniated discs, arthritis, tendonitis, Post-surgical cases, knee and hip replacements. We treat a large variety of conditions. View a more detailed list of physical therapy conditions treated.